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Michigan Roasted Coffees
100% Colombian 120 - 2.0oz
100% Colombian 40 - 2.0oz
100% Colombian 42 - 1.5oz
100% Colombian 42 - 1.75 oz
100% Colombian Whole Bean 4 - 5 lb (Red Tape)
Becharas Natural Decaf 96 - 1.75oz
Caddillac Coffee - Classic Medium Roast 36 - 1.5oz
Coffee Break Private Premium 40 - 2.0 oz
Coffee Break Private Premium 42 - 1.5oz
Coffee Break Private Premium 84 - 1.5oz
Coffee Break Private Premium 96 - 2.0 oz
Coffee Break Private Premium Naturally Decaf 40 - 1.5oz
Colombian Filterpack 36 - 2.0oz
Colombian Filterpack 42 - 1.5oz
Colombian Filterpack Decaf 42 - 1.5oz
Creme Brulee 24 - 1.75oz
Donut Shop Blend 24 - 1.75 oz
Donut Shop Blend 24 - 2.5 oz
Forza Espresso for Virtu Brewer 3- 2lb bags
French (Dark) Roast 40-2.0oz
French Roast Whole Bean (Black Tape)
French Vanilla 24 - 1.75oz
Hazelnut 24 - 1.75oz
Jamaican Me Crazy 24 - 1.75oz
Kona 40 - 1.5oz
Kona 40-1.75
Kona 40-2.0oz
Kona Whole Bean 4-5lb bags
Roasters Private Blend 42-1.25 oz
Royal Collection Kona 24-2.5oz
Royal York 120 - 2.0oz
Royal York 40 - 1.5oz
Royal York 40 - 2.0oz
Royal York 42-1.75 oz
Royal York Decaf 42-1.5oz
Royal York Decaf 42-2.0 oz
Royal York Urn 20 - 12 oz
Royal York Urn Decaf 20 - 12oz
Royal York Whole Bean 4-5lb (clear tape)
Royal York Whole Bean 5 lb (clear tape)
Royal York Whole Bean Decaf 4 - 5lb
Variety Pack 24 - 1.75oz
Vienna Roast 24 - 2.5oz
Vienna Roast Whole Bean 4- 4lb

Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks Breakfast Blend
Starbucks Decaf Pike Place Roast 18-2.5 oz
Starbucks French Roast 18-2.5
Starbucks Pike Place 18-2.5 oz
Starbucks Veranda Blend (Blonde Roast) 18-2.5oz
Starbucks Verona 18-2.5oz

National Brand Coffees
Caribou Blend 18 - 2.5 oz
Caribou Blend Decaf 18-2.5 oz
Douwe Egberts Decaf Frozen Coffee 2-1.25 L
Douwe Egberts Frozen Coffee 2-2.2L
Folgers Filterpack 42 - 0.8oz
Folgers Filterpack Decaf 40 - 0.8oz
Folgers Vacket 42 - 0.8oz
Maxwell House Decaf 40 - 1.1oz
Maxwell House Masterblend 42 - 1.1oz
Maxwell House Regular 42 - 1.5oz
Maxwell House Special Delivery 42 - 1.5oz
Special Delivery Decaf 42 - 1.5oz
Vittoria Breakfast Blend 42 - 1.5oz
Vittoria Hazelnut 20 2.5 oz

Keurig K-cups
French Vanilla Cappuccino 24ct
Hot Chocolate K Cups 24ct
Breakfast Blend Decaf K-Cup
Breakfast Blend Kcup
Brown & Gold 100% Colombian
Brown & Gold 100% Costa Rican KCup
Cafe Escapes Chai Tea Latte Kcup 24ct
Caramel Creme K-Cup
Caribou Blend Decaf K-cup 24ct
Caribou Blend K-cup
Cayman Coconut Kcup 24ct
Celestial Seasonings Variety Pack (Green Tea, Lemon Zinger, English Breakfast, Sleepytime Chamomile)
Dark Roast K-Cup
Decaf Green Tea
Diet Snapple Half & Half Tea & Lemonade Kcup
Donut Shop Decaf
Donut Shop K-Cup
Double Black Diamond Extra Bold
Duknin Donuts Decaf Kcup 24ct
Dunkin Donuts Regular Kcup
Eight O'Clock Coffee Kcup 24ct
Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve K-Cup
Fair Trade Pumpkin Spice (Available Sept-Nov)
Fair Trade VT Country Regular 24 ct.
Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry Kcup
Flavored Variety Pack K-cup (French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel Vanilla Creme, Blueberry)
French Roast K-Cup
French Vanilla Decaf K- cup
Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee K Cups 24 ct.
Green Mountain Regular K-cup Variety Pack (Breakfast Blend, VT Country, French Roast, Dark Magic)
Grove Square Spiced Apple Cider 24ct
HALF-CAFF Blend 24ct. K-cup
Hazelnut Coffee K-Cup
Irish Creme Kcup 24ct
Lake & Lodge
Lemon Zinger Tea T-Cup
Mandarin Orange Spice Tea
Marley Lively Up (Organic Espresso) Kcup 24ct.
Marley Talkin' Blues (100% Jamaica Blue Mountain) Kcup 24ct.
Martinson - Joe's Vanilla Velvet (French Vanilla) 24ct Kcup
Martinson Colombian Decaf Kcup 24ct
Martinson Donut Shop Kcup
Martinson Joe's Hazelnut Vanilla Decaf K Cups
Martinson Variety Pack 36ct (Dark roast, house blend, donut shop, french roast, hazelnut, breakfast)
Mint 'n' Mocha Kcup 24ct
Nantucket K-Cup
Sleepytime Herbal Tea
Southern Pecan K-cup
Starbucks Cafe Verona K-Cup 24 ct.
Starbucks Pike Place Decaf Kcup 24ct.
Starbucks Pike Place Roast Kcup 24ct
Starbucks Veranda Blend (Blonde) Kcup 24ct
Tim Horton's Decaf Kcup 24ct.
Tim Horton's Regular Kcup 24ct.
Tiramisu Twist Kcup 24ct
Twinings Chai Decaf Tea Kcup 24ct
Twinings Chai Tea Kcup
Twinings Earl Grey Decaf Kcup 24ct.
Twinings Earl Grey K Cup 24ct.
Twinings English Breakfast Decaf Tea Kcup
Twinings English Breakfast Tea
Twinings Green Tea T-Cup
Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea 24ct
Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea Kcup 24ct
VT Country Decaf K-Cup

Gourmet Coffee Break
Breakfast Blend
Cashew Cream
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Raspberry
Cinnamon Spice
Colombian Decaf
Colombian Supremo
Cranberry Creme
Creme Brulee
Danish Pastry
Decaf Amaretto
Decaf Blueberry
Decaf Butterrum
Decaf Caramel
Decaf Cashew Cream
Decaf Chocolate Fudge
Decaf Chocolate Mint
Decaf Chocolate Raspberry
Decaf Cinnamon Spice
Decaf Cranberry Creme
Decaf Creme Brulee
Decaf Danish Pastry
Decaf Frangelico
Decaf French Apple Crumb Cake
Decaf French Vanilla
Decaf Hawaiian Coconut
Decaf Hazelnut
Decaf Highlander Grog
Decaf Irish Cream
Decaf Kahlua
Decaf Macadamia Nut
Decaf Mandarin Orange
Decaf Michigan Blackberry
Decaf Nutty Maple
Decaf Pumpikin Spice
Decaf Snickerdoodle
Decaf Southern Pecan
Decaf Swiss Chocolate Almond
Decaf Tira Misu
Decaf Toasted Almond
Decaf Traverse City Cherry
Decaf Vanilla nut
Ethiopian Sidamo
French Apple Crumb Cake
French Roast
French Vanilla
Genuine Italian Espresso
Hawaiian Coconut
High Grown Mexican
Highlander Grog
House Blend
House Blend Decaf
Irish Cream
Jamaica Blue Mountain
Kenya AA
Kenya AA decaf
Macadamia Nut
Mandarin Orange
Michigan Blackberry
Nutty Maple
Papua New Guinea
Pumpikin Spice
Southern Pecan
Sumatra Decaf
Swiss Chocolate Almond
Tira Misu
Toasted Almond
Traverse City Cherry
Vanilla nut

Cinnamon Vanilla Liquid Cups 50 ct.
Coffeemate Original Liquid Pump 1.5 Liter
Coffeemate Packets
CoffeeMate Salted Caramel - Chocolate Creamer 50ct
French Vanilla Liquid Cream Pump 1.5 Liter
French Vanilla Liquid Cups 180 ct.
French Vanilla Liquid Cups 50 ct.
Hazelnut Liquid Cream Pump 1.5 Liter
Hazelnut Liquid Cups 180 ct.
Hazelnut Liquid Cups 50 ct.
International Delight Half & Half 180ct
Irish Cream Liquid Cups 180 ct.
Irish Cream Liquid Cups 50 ct.
Nestle Coffee-mate 11 oz.
Nestle Coffee-mate 11 oz. - Case (12 ct.)
Nestle Coffee-mate Half/Half 180ct (mini -moos)
Nestle Coffee-mate Lite - 11oz
Nestle French Vanilla 15 oz.
Nestle Hazelnut 15 oz.
Nestle Hazelnut Liquid Pump (twin)
Nestle Original Liquid Pump (twin)
Nestle's Coffeemate Caramel Vanilla Creamer 50ct.
Nestle's Coffeemate Liquid Cream Cups 50ct
Nestle's Coffemate Pumpkin Spice Ind. Creamer (Seasonal) 50ct
Nestle's French Vanilla Liquid Cream Pump (Twin)
Nestle's Italian Sweet Cream 50ct
Private Label Cream 12oz.
Private Label Cream 12oz. - Case (24ct.)

Sugar / Sweetener
Generic Equal 75 ct.
Generic Equal Case (2000 ct.)
Generic Splenda 75 ct.
Generic Splenda Case (2000 ct.)
Private Label Sugar 20 oz.
Private Label Sugar Case (24ct.)
Stevia 75ct
Sugar Packets (2000 ct.)
Sweet & Low 100ct.
Sweet & Low Case (2500 ct.)

Perfect Servings
Perfect Servings Cream 6 - 1.5lb
Perfect Servings French Vanilla 6 - 2lb.
Perfect Servings Hazelnut 6 - 2lb.
Perfect Servings Irish Cream 6 - 2lb.
Perfect Servings Sugar 6 - 3lb

Becharas Bros. Iced Tea 48 - 1 oz.
Becharas Iced Tea 32 - 4oz.
Bielow Plantation Mint Tea
Bigelow Apple Cinnamon 28ct.
Bigelow Assortment 64 ct.
Bigelow Cinnamon Stick 28 ct.
Bigelow Constant Comment 28 ct.
Bigelow Cozy Chamomile 28ct
Bigelow Cranberry Apple 28 ct.
Bigelow Decaf Green Tea 28 ct.
Bigelow Earl Grey 28 ct.
Bigelow English Tea Time 28 ct.
Bigelow English Tea Time Decaf 28 ct.
Bigelow Green Tea 28 ct.
Bigelow Green Tea w/ Lemon 28 ct.
Bigelow I Love Lemon Herbal Tea 28 ct
Bigelow Lemon Lift 28 ct.
Bigelow Mint Medley 28 ct.
Bigelow Orange & Spice 28 ct.
Bigelow Raspberry 28 ct.
Bigelow Variety Decaf
Lipton Decaf 72 ct.
Lipton Regular 100 ct.
Tazo Chai Tea 24 ct.

Hot Chocolate
Great Lakes Hot Chocolate 6 - 2lb.
Nestle's Hot Chocolate 50 ct.
Nestle's Sugar Free 30 ct.
Swiss Miss Regular 50 ct.
Swiss Miss Sugar Free 24 ct.
Swiss Miss w/ Marsh 50 ct.

Powdered Cappuccino
Almond Amaretto 6 - 2lb.
Chocolate Caramel Pecan
Cinnamon Vanilla Nut 6 - 2lb.
Deep Rich European Milk Topping 12-1lb
English Toffee 6 - 2lb.
Fat Free French Vanilla 6 - 2lb.
French Vanilla 6 - 2lb.
Hazelnut 6 - 2lb.
INSTANT French Vanilla Cappuccino packets 25 Ct.
Original 6 - 2lb.
Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino (seasonal) 6 - 2lb.
Swiss Mocha 6-2 lb
Traverse City Cherry 6 - 2lb.
White Chocolate Caramel 6 - 2lb.

Cold Drinks
7-Up 24 - 12oz. Cans
A & W Root Beer 24 - 12oz. cans
Caffine Free Diet Coke 24 - 12oz. Cans
Cherry Coke 24-12 oz. cans
Coke 24 - 12oz. Cans
Coke Zero 24ct. 12 oz
Crystal Light On-The-Go Iced Tea 30ct
Crystal Light On-The-Go Lemonade 30ct.
Crystal Light On-The-Go Raspberry 30ct.
Crystal Light On-The-Go Variety 30ct.
Dasani Water 24-24 oz.
Diet 7-Up 24 - 12oz. Cans
Diet A&W Root Beer 24ct - 12oz
Diet Coke 24 - 12oz. Cans
Diet Dr. Pepper 24 - 12oz. Cans
Diet Mountain Dew 24 - 12oz. Cans
Diet Pepsi 24 - 12oz. Cans
Diet Vernors 24 - 12oz. Cans
Dr. Pepper 24 - 12oz. Cans
Hawaiian Punch
Ice Mountain Water 24-16.9 oz.
Kirkland 8 oz Water Bottles 80ct.
LaCroix 100% Pure Natural Sparkling Water 12-12oz cans
LaCroix Grapefruit
LaCroix Lemon 12 - 12oz
LaCroix Lime 12-12oz
LaCroix Water - Orange 12-12oz
Lipton Iced Tea
Minute Maid Apple Juice 15.5oz - 24ct
Minute Maid Cran-Grape 15.5oz - 24ct
Minute Maid Orange Juice 15.5oz 24ct
Mountain Dew 24 - 12oz. Cans
Pepsi 24 - 12oz. Cans
Sprite 24 - 12oz. Cans
Squirt 24 - 12oz. Cans
Sunkist Orange 24 - 12oz. Cans
V-8 Juice 48-5.5 oz. Can
Vernors 24 - 12oz. Cans
Welch's Apple 48-5.5 oz. Can
Welch's Cranberry 48-5.5 oz. Can
Welch's Grape 48-5.5 oz. Can
Welch's Orange 48-5.5 oz. Can

Cookies & Snacks
Animal Cookies 60 ct.
Caramel Nips
Cheetos 104 ct. 1.25 oz. Bags
Cheez-it Crackers 60 ct.
Famous Amos Choc. Chip 60 ct.
Kars Roasted Salted Cashews 30-1 oz
Kars Roasted Salted Peanuts 24 - 2oz
Kars Sweet & Salty Mix 24-2oz
Kraft Cheese Tub 100 ct.
Life Savers Individually Wrapped Pep O Mints 308ct.
Life Savers Individually Wrapped Wint O Green 308ct.
Lorna Doone 120 ct.
Nature Valley Granola Bar - Oats & Honey
Nature Valley Granola Bars - Peanut Butter - 28ct
Nutri Grain Apple 8 Bars
Nutri Grain Blueberry 8 Bars
Nutri Grain Raspberry 8 Bars
Nutri Grain Strawberry 8 Bars
Oreo 120 ct.
Planters PB & Cheese 120 ct.
Poptarts Blueberry 6-2pks.
Poptarts Brown Sugar/Cinnamon 6/2pks.
Poptarts Strawberry 6-2pks.
Pretzel Rold Gold 88 ct.
Quaker Instant Assorted Oatmeal 52ct.
Rice Krispie Treats 4/20 ct.
Ritz Bits Peanut Butter 60 ct.
Snickers 48 ct.
Tootsie Pops 100 ct.

Butter Lovers Popcorn 36 Bags
Butter Popcorn 36 Bags
Lite Butter Popcorn 36 Bags

Beef Noodle 22pk. (TEMP OUT OF STOCK)
Chicken Noodle 22pk (TEMP. OUT OF STOCK)
Herb Ox Chicken 50ct.
Spring Vegetable 22pk. (TEMP OUT OF STOCK)

Honey Packets 200-9g packets
Pepper Shaker
Salt Shaker

Cups & Lids
10oz. Lids 1000ct. (for white styrofoam cups)
10oz. Styrofoam 1000ct.
12 & 16oz. Lids 1000ct. (for white styrofoam cups)
12 oz Fusion Cups 1000ct
12oz. Coke Cups 2000ct.
12oz. Conex Cups 1000ct.
12oz. Conex Cups 50ct.
12oz. Gourmet Foam Cups 1000ct.
12oz. Hot Paper Cups 1000ct.
12oz. Styrofoam 1000ct.
16oz Dart Fusion Cup
16oz EL Dome Lid - Black
16oz. Gourmet Foam Cups 1000ct.
16oz. Styrofoam 1000ct.
20 oz Dart Fusion Cup 500ct
20oz. Gourmet Foam Cups 500ct.
6oz. Styrofoam 1000ct.
7 oz Solo Wax Paper Jazz Cup 100ct.
7 oz Wax Coated Drinking Cup 2500ct
8-1/4 Non Vend 100ct.
8oz Hot/Cold cup 1000ct.
8oz. Gourmet Foam Cups 1000ct.
8oz. Lids 1000ct. (for white styrofoam cups)
8oz. Styrofoam 1000ct.
9oz. Conex Cups 100ct.
Insert Cups 500ct.
Lids - 12 oz Hot Cup 1000ct

Paper Products
6" Plates 1000ct.
9" Heavy Paper Plate 125ct.
9" Styrofoam Plate 125ct.
9" White Paper Plates 50ct
Bathroom Tissue - Large Rolled 12ct
Bathroom Tissue 3/roll
Bathroom Tissue 40ct.
C-Fold Towel 2400ct.
C-Fold Towel Holder
Dinner Napkins Deluxe 100ct.
Dinner Napkins Deluxe 2800 ct.
Dispenser Napkins 375ct.
Dispenser Napkins 6000ct.
Facial Tissue Cube
Facial Tissue Cube 36ct.
Facial Tissue Flat 30 boxes
FacialTissue Flat 1 box
Forks - individually wrapped, 1000 ct
Forks 1000ct.
Forks 100ct.
Individually Wrapped Toothpicks 1000ct.
Knives - individually wrapped, 1000 ct
Knives 1000ct.
Knives 100ct.
Luncheon Napkin 500 ct
Paper Bowl 12 oz. 125ct.
Paper Towel - Large Brown Rolled 12ct
Rolled Paper Towels 30ct.
Rolled Paper Towels 3ct.
Spoons - individually wrapped, 1000 ct
Spoons 1000ct.
Spoons 100ct.
Stir Sticks 500 ct.
Stir Sticks Extra Long 1000 ct.
Straws 500ct.
Styrofoam Bowl 12oz. 100ct.
Wooden Stir Sticks 1000ct

Cleaning Supplies
Cascade 75oz
Computer Wipes 18ct.
Dawn Liquid 38oz.
Glade - Hawaiian Breeze 9oz spray
Glade Apple Cinnamon
Glade Clean Linen 9oz.
Glade Lavender Vanilla
Glass Pot Cleaner
Lysol Sanitizing Wipes 80ct.
Lysol Spray Disinfectant
Purrell Hand Sanitizer 8oz.
Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Sponge
Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap
Spic & Span 32oz.
Trash liners 13 gallon 200ct
Trash LIners 33 Gallon 90 ct
Trash Liners Clear 200 ct - 33 gallon
Urn Cleaner - 5 Bags
Wet Nap Towelette 100ct.
Windex Spray 32oz

Flavored Syrups
Chocolate Mint
Hazelnut Sugar Free (special order)
Irish Cream
Syrup Pump
Vanilla Sugar Free (special order)
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