Here are the most frequently asked questions with answers about our coffee service. If your question is not answered here, either call (248-33-COFFEE) or send an e-mail.

How much do you charge to rent one of your coffee machines?

There is NO charge for the use of a coffee brewer. They are for your use free-of-charge, as long as you buy your coffee from Coffee Break Service.

Isn't it a lot more expensive to buy coffee from you instead of from the grocery store?

No, it isn't. The cost of the coffee is slightly higher than it is in the super market, but that difference is offset by several factors including the following:

  • Less employee time spent shopping.
  • Freshness of the coffee. It is fresher when you buy it, and it stays fresh longer, because each bag remains sealed until you need it.
  • Convenience, no measuring, and no wasted coffee.
  • Free cream and sugar with each coffee purchase. This saves over $5.00 per case of coffee.

What if we run out of coffee?

You will be placed on a monthly route, if you order regularly; the chances of running out of coffee are very small. If you do, we will deliver more coffee as soon as possible - usually the same day.

How do I place my order?

We have three different ordering systems.  Our primary system is our newly updated email system.  We will send you a reminder email a couple days before your delivery.  You can then log on to the customer section of our webpage and place your order.  We also offer a Fast Fax ordering program, or we can simply call you the day before your order.

How long is the contract we need to sign?

We do not require that you sign a contract, because we don't think you will want to cancel once you have tried our service. If you must cancel, we request 30-days notice.

What if I break a pot?

Just call us. We'll replace it.

What if the machine doesn't work?

Call us. We will send a service technician to fix it as soon as possible. There is no charge, and it is usually done the same day.

What kind of coffee do you sell?

We offer over 100 different varieties of coffees, including national brands and gourmet coffee. Our best seller is our own Premium Private Blend, which is only available through Coffee Break Service.

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