Why Coffee Service

--Why Coffee Service?

There are many benefits to using a coffee service, particularly Coffee Break Service, Inc.

*Employee Morale - Coffee Service is a relatively inexpensive gift to your staff. For as low as 6 cents per cup you can offer your staff high quality coffee at their desk

*Improved productivity - Caffeine is a stimulant, It has been proven to increase employee productivity. This combined with improved morale will have your office working like a well oiled machine

*Lower liability - If you are sending an employee shopping, they present a liability to your business. Should the employee be hurt on the the road or on the trip, this could create an issue for you.

*Less time out of the office - While employees are doing company shopping, they very often do a little personal shopping at the same time. By having a friendly Coffee Break Service, Inc. representative deliver coffee to your office, you reduce downtime in your office.

--Why Coffee Break Service, Inc.

*Most of our coffees are Michigan roasted. By purchasing from Coffee Break Service, Inc. you are reinvesting in a better state.

*Because they are roasted right here in Michigan, our coffees are fresher. Our coffees hit our door 2 days after roasting, and we receive them weekly. By the time you receive your coffee, it is usually less than a week old.

*Better tasting - Our roasting partner, Becharas Brothers Coffee, has over 100 years in the business, and they are good! They have unmatched expertise in their field, and provide an incredible cup of coffee.

*More Variety - Starbucks, Folgers, Maxwell House, Green Mountain, Caribou, etc, etc. The list just keeps going. We can provide the cup of coffee that you desire from the names you know. Not to mention all the many delicious flavors from Becharas Brothers!

*Better Service - We offer unmatched service. Free clean pots, free cream & sugar, free use of commercial equipment, monthly cleaning of equipment, and service with a smile are all standard operating procedure with Coffee Break Service, Inc. No one can beat our service.

*Better pricing - We will match anyone's price on an apples to apples basis. Then we will deliver more superior coffee, with better service

*Bigger smiles - Our aim is to please. When we leave your office we will leave it better than we found it.

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