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Who We Are

Over 30 Years of Excellence!

Many things have changed since the first cup of coffee was brewed and consumed.  One of those is the beginning of Office Coffee Service (OCS).  OCS is based on the concept that there is a simple and convenient way to handle the coffee break at your office or business establishment.

This is the concept that prompted Robert R. Smith to start Coffee Break Service.  The Company was built on the idea that everyone deserves a quality cup of coffee with the convenience of a service that’s second to none.  Serving over 2500 customers, we continue to grow by providing quality products and excellent service to our customers in Southeastern Michigan.


What We Do

Why Coffee Break Service?

At Coffee Break Service, we are dedicated to meeting all your office coffee service needs.  With over 30 years experience serving area offices and businesses, Coffee Break Service can provide you with the highest quality products, excellent service, and free scheduled deliveries at the lowest possible cost.

Our office is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer system which allows us to maintain the information we need to fulfill our customers’ orders and to communicate with them via phone, fax, and the internet.  Our excellent staff can answer all questions about coffee and equipment for your business

What Coffee Break Service Can Do For You

  • Provide fresh coffee for your office at a surprisingly low cost per cup – 6¢
  • Provide you with a commercial coffee brewer free of charge
  • Relieve your office staff of the chore of shopping for coffee supplies
  • Make sure your coffee brewer is always in working order
  • Provide you with clean glass pots with each delivery


How Coffee Break Service Does It

  • By delivering fresh, delicious, ground coffee, packaged to brew one pot, or one cup at a time
  • By offering an extensive line of quality, related products
  • By sending knowledgeable, friendly route sales people to deliver your products on a regularly scheduled route
  • By providing an easy ordering system via our email and fast fax programs
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